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Commerical asphalt paving, sealcoating and pothole repair by Sherry Construction
Commerical asphalt paving, sealcoating and pothole repair by Sherry Construction
Commercial Parking Lot Paving

Asphalt Parking Lot Paving, Commercial Asphalt Paving, Sealcoating & Pothole Repair

Sherry Construction Corporation has been installing asphalt parking lots throughout south eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over 84 years!  We have the experience needed to provide industrial quality workmanship at a competitive price.  We started paving in the streets and parking lots of Fall River, Massachusetts and quickly gained a reputation for honesty and reliability that has allowed our paving crews to lay asphalt in every town of south eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island!

Commercial Parking Lot Paving Services

  • Replacement of existing parking lot
  • Milling of existing parking lot
  • Installation of a new parking lot or roadway
  • Patching or replacement of problem areas of an existing parking lot/driveway
  • Asphalt Berm or Concrete Curbing Installation or Repair
  • Drainage Structure Repairs
  • Line Striping
  • Sealcoating
  • Snow Removal
  • Sweeping

Asphalt Paving and Asphalt Repair in MA and RI

Massachusetts and Rhode Island weather is well known for the toll it takes on the roads with the blizzards, the temperature shifts, and the freezing and refreezing of the ice. Commercial asphalt paving , asphalt repair and sealcoating is important for your roadway or parking lot to stay strong and durable. Asphalt is made to endure freezing and thawing that New England is known for.
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Asphalt Paving Helps Save Money

Repairing potholes, cracks, and other wear and tear keeps the damage to your vehicle to a minimum. Hitting a pothole can mean anything from a flat tire and a towing charge, to a broken axle and hundreds of dollars in repairs. After a long, harsh, New England winter, no one wants to deal with the additional headache of a flat tire from a crater sized pothole that erupted during the snowy months. Let Sherry Construction save to you the time and aggravation of pothole damage, whether on residential asphalt or in the commercial parking lots.


Sealcoating and Paving

Sealcoating is a coating applied to asphalt meant to act like a barrier from the elements of cold and the heat. It helps keep the asphalt intact during New England’s inclement weather . Parking lot Sealcoating prevents cracks from cropping up that will eventually develop into potholes. If there are cracks, they must be fixed first, and then the sealcoating can be added to the affected area, but once added, the extra coating will help keep your parking lot or roadway intact.



Does asphalt harm the environment?

Asphalt has a low environmental effect because it reduces the amount of natural resources needed over the pavements life, and can be recycled. It requires about 20 percent less energy to produce and construct than other pavement options, and additional roads can cut down on traffic congestion. When cars and trucks are stuck in traffic, they use up fuel and produce greenhouse gases. Asphalt’s speed of construction allows planners and managers a way to fix trouble spots for traffic, quickly and cost-effectively.


How do asphalt paved roads help the community?

Properly paved roads improve public safety for many reasons, from increasing traction on roads to prevent accidents, to quieting the traffic sounds in urban areas. It also saves energy by providing a cost and energy effective solution to high traffic areas, which can help regulate temperatures and cut down on air pollution.


We also offer site & excavation services and materials to help you with your on-going project. Give us a call!


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