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Parking Lot Maintenance in Massachusetts
Parking Lot Maintenance in Massachusetts
Parking Lot Maintenance

Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance for Massachusetts and Rhode Island businesses

Properly maintaining your existing parking lot is of the utmost importance to save you from headaches down the road. Sherry Construction Corporation is a full service parking lot maintenance company. We provide the following services to keep your parking lot and driveways structurally sound, safe, and clean.

Maintenance Services

Seal Coating: Beyond rejuvenating the clean black look of the existing asphalt, seal coating provides a weather protection seal on your entire parking lot or driveway. This seal preserves the asphalt and in-turn greatly extends the life of your asphalt parking lot. Seal coating your parking lot every 2-3 years is an easy and inexpensive way to greatly extend the life of your parking lot.

Crack Filling: As your parking lot, road way, or driveway begins to age cracks will inevitably appear. Once these cracks reach a width of ¼” inch in width it becomes incredibly important to fill them with a hot pour crack filler. The heated crack filler will be injected into any and all visible separations in your pavement. Once placed the crack filler will adhere to the existing pavement and lock out all moisture from getting through your pavement and causing further damage.

Pot Hole Repair and Asphalt Patching: After meeting with a Sherry Construction rep we will identify any pot holes or areas of damaged pavement that need to be replaced. Once the areas are identified Sherry Construction will saw cut the perimeter of the damaged pavement and remove the existing asphalt and unsuitable sub-base. From there we will install a new layer of recycled gravel base which will then be graded and compacted. On a newly compacted base we will apply a adhesive emulsion to the sides of the patch and then pave the area with 3” of asphalt in two courses; 1.5” of binder asphalt and 1.5” of top.

Line Striping: Sherry Construction has been striping parking lots and roadways for 84 years. We specialize in re-striping any existing faded parking lot lines as well as provident the pavement markings on brand new parking lots. A well striped parking lot will keep the building in compliance with all ADA regulations and provide a safe area for both pedestrians and drivers.

Storm Drain Repairs: Well-maintained storm drains are critical to a properly functioning parking lot or roadway. Storm drains are designed to allow water to efficiently flow off of pavement surfaces. If the drainage system falls into disrepair the parking lot will begin to puddle, with nowhere for the water to go it will slowly begin to break through the asphalt creating pot holes and widespread damage along with large icy puddles in winter. Sherry Construction specializes in repairing storm drainage manholes and catch basins. We will reset, patch, or even replace entire drainage systems.

Parking Lot Sweeping: Whether you are looking to clean up the parking lot after a long winter of salting and sanding or simply need to keep the area clean and clear of debris Sherry Construction can provide a solution to all your parking lot sweeping needs.

Snow Plowing & Sanding/Salting: We provide full 24/7 snow removal services to southeastern MA and RI! Please contact us to discuss your property and any solutions Sherry Construction can provide.

Why is it important to maintain your MA or RI parking lot?

Cracks and breaks in the pavement will eventually expand into potholes, causing damage to the cars using it. These potholes and cracks lead to costly damages and potentially, even grounds for lawsuits if you knowingly refuse to fix the problems.  

What are some potential issues from not keeping up with maintenance in your parking lot?

Potholes can cause damage both to cars and to people who trip and fall on the pavement and end up accruing medical bills. If the lines aren’t visible on the pavement, parking can become a mess because people won’t be able to see where they should park. This can cause people to double park or park crookedly and reduce the productivity of the lot. Having damaged curbs, or not having curbs at all, can lead to people not having a safe place to walk, which can lead to accidents

How can you maintain your parking lot during New England winters?

If you’re looking for a company that will keep your lot in top condition, Sherry Construction has the professional-grade experience to keep everything running smoothly, even through the unpredictable New England weather changes. Whether it’s moving snow after those nor’easters, salting and sanding to keep ice from taking over the lot, or by keeping the pothole damages to a minimum by fixing cracks and breaks in the asphalt.

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