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parking lot snow removel and snow plowing massachusetts
parking lot snow removel and snow plowing massachusetts
Snow Plowing Services

Commercial Snow Plowing, Snow Removal

Without fail the New England winters will bring a plentiful blast of ice and snow to our doorsteps. Don’t be unprepared when that first storm hits! Here at Sherry Construction we provide dependable snow removal solutions to the greater Fall River and greater Providence areas. We have the capability to take on any commercial property from a mall parking lot to a small retail location. Please call to see what Sherry Construction can do for you!

Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services We Offer

Our snow removal services include: Plowing, Sanding, Salting, Sidewalk Shoveling, Removal/Hauling of Snow offsite, and end of year Sweeping.

We’ll even haul the snow off site for you to clear out the lot and open up parking spaces. Whether it’s a mall, shopping plaza, school, bank or any local business with a parking lot they need plowed and cleared, Sherry Construction Corp. will make your lot safe even in the worst conditions.

Snow Plowing Sherry Paving corp

Snow removal can help prevent winter damage

The main issue with winter weather is that the water from melting snow will leak into cracks and it expands when it turns to ice. This causes potholes which can lead to vehicle damage and flat tires. Snow can also cause damage to the outer edge of asphalt, which can narrow streets and make it easier for vehicles to get into accidents. The potential damage and the danger to people driving on damaged roads makes it crucial to clear snow and ice to keep the roads safe for everyone.

Snow, Ice and Frost Pothole and Pavement Damage

Snow and ice takes a toll on the environment through the winter, and once the snow clears, you can be left with quite a mess. When temperatures start to rise, Sherry Construction Corp. can help you with any asphalt patching (pothole repair) and sealcoating services you may need to return your business’ lot, or public roads back to peak condition. We also offer parking lot sweeping services to clean up the salt and the sand from over the winter. Whatever damage the winter brought to your commercial parking lot, or the local roads, we are ready and able to clean up the damage and bring in spring. For businesses and residents that have questions about municipal and highway plowing you can view answers to frequently asked questions about snow plowing, snow removal sanding salting and treatments click here

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Sherry Construction Corp. also provides bulk sales of Rock Salt and Sand for all your parking lot maintenance needs.

Please call 508-673-2051 for pickup or deliveries.


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